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  • 6 colour hand-pulled screenprint on Somerset Textured 300gsm paper
  • Hand finished with 24 carat gold leaf.
  • Print dimensions  56cm x 76cm
  • Signed edition of 50



Please note each print is hand finished with gold leaf to order so delivery times may be slightly longer.


This piece is a reminder that no matter what life throws at you, it can be overcome. Keep going because you are loved.


The text reads - Breaths may be taken, Hearts may be broken, Kisses may be stolen, Tales may be telt, Goats may be got, Hums may be hawed, Fancies may be tickled, Chests may be heaved, Snooks may be cocked, Gods may be angered, Knickers may be twisted, Boats may be floated, Rivers may be cried, Bums may be rushed, Fucks may be given, Fucks may not be given, Stars may align, Days may be made, Dreams may be broken, Bubbles may be burst, Alarms may be false, Works may be spannered, Biscuits may be taken, Plots may be lost, Truths may be found, Mickeys may be taken, Tail feathers may be shaken, Legs may be pulled, Tantrums may be thrown, Arses may be skelped, Grins may be cheeky, Chins may be wagged, Creams may be crackered, Gobs may be smacked, Clogs will be popped, Yet through it all know this, As sure as the sun rises, You are loved.

You Are Loved - Orange

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